Punjabi Yakhni Pullao

(Serves 6 to 8)


Meat ( Chicken mutton beef)1KG
Basmati Rice.1KG
Onion Slice400 grm
Yoghurt1 cup
Ginger (Paste}4 Tbsp
Garlic (Pulse)3 Tbsp
Oil/ Ghee1 ½ cup 250ml
AHMED Punjabi yakhni pulao75g


Cooking Procedure


  1. Put meat in a pan With 1 glass of water (for chicken – 4 glass of    water), Ginger and , Garlic  and AHMED PunJbi  Yakhni Pullao Masala cover and cook on  low  flame  un tile  meat  become Completely tender and soft.
  2. Then remove meat from the stock .Sieve the stock, remove and Discard the whole spice if you want
  3. In another pan heat Oil/Ghee and fry the onion till golden brown then add meat yoghurt and stock and bring.
  4. Add rice.
  5. When the water dries up simmer the rice on low flame for 10-15 minutes.


Punjabi yakhni  polao is ready.



For Milder Hotness:

For those who take mild chilies & salt, half the quantity of the given recipe spices can be used. Salt may be to the requirement.