Pure Ingredients – Supreme Flavour

Chicken Biryani Masala (5-6 Servings)

1-Chicken (cubes with bones)(750)g
2-Rice Basmati (750)g
3- Ghee Cooling & Oil I  Cup(01) 250g
4- Yoghurt Beaten1 Cup (2001)
S- Potatoes (Peeled)(250g)
6-Tomatoct 4-l (Chopped)3OOg
7-0nion (Finely Sliced)4-S  3OOg
8-Ginger (Paste)3Tbcp
9-Garlic (Paste)2Thlp
10- Tamarind15-20 g
11·Green Chili8-10 nos 50g
12-Lemon Juice3-4 tbsp.
13-AHMED chicken Biryani Masala60g
14- Food Color2 pinch
15-Freash Mint½ bunch


Cooking Procedure:

  1. In a pan mix Ginger, Garlic, Yoghurt, chili pastes. Chiopped mint and tamarind AHMED chicken biryani masala and marinate with chicken cubes for (30-40) minutes.
  2. Fry onion slices into hot ghee / oil till golden, remove half fried onion Slices and in remaining oil add marinated chicken cubes and fry at low flame for few minutes and then add remaining masala and cook till chicken become tender or oil seprated from the masala add chopped chicken become tender or oil seprated from the masala add chopped mint and mix
  3. Separately boiled rice in 18-19 glass of water add 2-3 table spoon of salt till three quarter tender, stop the flame and drain out extra quantity of water.
  4. In another pan add half boiled Rice over it add chicken curry then further add remaining half boiled rice and mix yellow and orange food color.


Delicious AHMED Chicken Biryani is ready serve with raita.