Plain Biryani Masala


Meat (Mutton / Chicken / Beef)(750 gm)
Rice(750 gm)
Onions (Thin Slices)4 Nos. (250g)
Ginger (Paste)2 Tbsp
Garlic (Paste)2 Tbsp
Yoghurt (Beaten)2 cup (500g)
Oil / Ghee200-250g)
Yellow Food colorAs Required
AHMED Plain Biryani Masala1 Packet (50g)



Cooking Procedure

  1. In a pan heat cooking oil/ghee & add onion, Fry till golden remove 2 table spoon.
  2. In the remaining oil add meat and fry for (4-5) minutes high flame add ginger and garlic paste mix & then add (2-3) cups of water and cook is at low flame (In case if chicken don’t add water add all ingredients together).
  3. When meat become half tender, add AHMED Plain Biryani Masala and yoghurt, Cook till oil begins to separate from masala.
  4. In 2 liters boiling water (approx 10 glasses) add 2-½ Tbsp salt and add already soaked rice (20-25) minutes boil till three quarter tender, then pour sieve.
  5. Take separate pan, to grease is with already remove oil, add half rice and layer it with above meat and then with rice, add yellow food color (dissolved in water) simmer for (10-15 minutes).



For Milder Hotness:

For those who take mild chilies & salt, half the quantity of the given recipe spices can be used. Salt may be to the requirement.