Pullao Biryani

 (Serves 5 to 6)


Meat (Mutton / Chicken / Beef)(500-750 gm) Small cubes
Rice (Basmati)(500-750 gm) (Pre Soaked for 20-30 minutes)
Onions (Thin Slices)2 Nos. (100-125gm)
Ginger (Paste)1 Tbsp
Garlic (Paste)1 Tbsp
Fresh Milk(½-¾) Cup (200gms)
Yoghurt (Beaten)1 cup (200gms)
Oil / Ghee1 cup (175gms)
Yellow Food colorAs Required
AHMED Pullao Biryani Masala1 Packet (75g)



Cooking Procedure


  1. In hot oil fry Onion slices till golden then remove 2 Tspn oil & small Quantity of fried Onion, keep aside.
  2. In the remaining Oil/Ghee add chicken & stir fry at high Flame, for (2-3) Minutes then add ginger, garlic, AHMED pullao Biryani Masala & fry (Add ¼ Cup of water if required.
  3. Add yoghurt Cook at low flame to till Meat become tender or Oil separate from the masala.
  4. Separately boil the rice in (12-14) glass of water, (2-3) Tbsp salt, to till half tender, drain out extra quantity of water.
  5. Add boiled rice over the chicken, then add milk food color & fried onion with oil, and simmer at low flame for (10-15) minutes.

Delicious AHMED Pullao Biryani is ready, Serve with Raita & salad.



For Milder Hotness:

For those who take mild chilies & salt, half the quantity of the given recipe spices can be used. Salt may be to the requirement.