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How to cook Tandoori Chicken – Ahmed Foods



Tandori chicken / Mutton Whole leg

(Serves 7 to 8)


Chicken or Mutton1 No ( approximately 1 KG)
Ghee/Cooking Oil30ml
AHMED Tandoori Masala50g



Cooking Procedure:

  1. Make deep gashes on either sides of chicken piece/ mutton leg
  2. Mix together yoghurt Oil and AHMED tandori Masala, Then make a paste Coat this paste on the surface of the chicken piece / mutton leg and leave for marinating 2-3 hours.
  3. now inserted coated chicken piece legs on soaks and grill at low flame 25-30 minutes or bake in over at 200-250 degree keep turning until crush becomes reddish and meat is tender.
  4. Now beat a small quantity of oil in frying pan and slightly fry the bake chicken.

Delicious tandori chicken leg is ready.

Serve with AHMED Tomato ketchup, AHMED Podina Chutny.